Teachers @ camp


Camps are brilliant; they facilitate friendships and provide students with experiences they may not get at home. They are a lot of fun for sure. However, if teachers give up 2-3 days to support students camp experience should they be bunked up at 9/10 staff per unit? Camps are not cheap so shared accommodation does help keep costs down. But sharing accommodation is not for everyone. The vexatious issue of do you have men/women sleeping in the same area (who cares?) … but what about gay or lesbian teachers (again who cares?) …  In a conservative school I suspect that this may present some challenges for the organizers.

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One Response to Teachers @ camp

  1. Gerard says:

    You left out one important part. If you have 9/10 people in a unit, how many of them snore… I take it most people will want an uninterrupted sleep. Who is going to supply the ear plugs? Also have you discussed the extra costs that teachers can claim.


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