Teaching teachers

I recently facilitated a discussion with a few Wellington based teachers about the Level 3 Achievement standard pertaining to Information Systems. In attendance was one motivated student from the Hutt intent on doing the standard and Peter Fuller from Datacom who kindly agreed to provide a current business perspective.  The standard requires you select and report on the information systems (or one of them) of an organisation. The report covers:

  • Interaction between the main components of an information system ie hardware, software, data, procedures, and people
  • Nature of information and differences between data, information, and knowledge
  • Characteristics of ‘good’ information.
  • Nature and Value of information and how information systems add value
  • End-user considerations in information systems and impact on and influence of end-user considerations on information systems
  • Security management for information systems and implications of security management for information systems

This can be quite challenging. It was great having a Datacom person able to participate – another good example of schools and businesses working together.

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