NCEA achievement rates

I see NCEA achievement rates are back in the press. University enrolments have dropped… NZQA gives access to some interesting statistics however here are some questions I would like to investigate, but the data is not readily available: 1. What is the correlation between achievement rates for internal assessments and external assessments by  school and subject? Related question:  For  schools with a very high achievement rate, what % of credits are gained internally verses externally? 2. Universities have tightened entry standards, I see for Engineering courses at Victoria the entry requirements are:

If you are planning to enrol in a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) or Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies (BSc COMP), it is important to have a strong background of solid academic secondary school study. Subjects to study at school include Mathematics with Calculus, Physics, Statistics and Modelling, Computing, Science, and Digital Technologies.

What is the proportion of students studying the “hard” subjects listed above and has this gone up or down in recent years. I am guessing the answers to these questions could be uncomfortable….

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