Leaving on a jet plane


There are a range of codes used to describe student absences. E for Explained eg “My daughter was too tired to come to school”; J for Justified eg “My daughter is sick”; ? for unknown, these become T for Truant if we don’t get an explanation within two weeks.

A new code has been introduced G for “Holiday during term time”. This is now becoming very common as airfares tend to be cheaper if purchased outside of school holidays. Shame it’s against the law but never mind… For Year 9 and 10 students the missed learning can usually be caught up in Year 11 as part of revision. But at Years 11-13 I am seeing students now withdrawing from standards because they are on holiday. Two further observations;

  1. Students seldom catch the work up.
  2. Students seldom do work on holiday – despite parent assurances and wishful thinking
  3. Some parents seem to think it’s the teachers problem to catch the students up – at lunchtimes or whenever… I don’t think so.

BTW: It’s the Ako (Form) teachers role to follow up on absences. Another administration job that teachers simply don’t have time for – it is done at the expense of lesson preparation and student feedback.

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