Driver testing…

I recall being impressed when my daughter sat a practice assessment for  a forthcoming full drivers test. This was conducted by a Driving Instructor, he gave comprehensive feedback on what she needed to pass the test. Given my daughter was over from the UK for only 2 weeks she had only one shot at getting her licence so undertaking a practice test was essential. A practice test is of course what we teachers call a formative assessment. A formal driving test is what we call a summative.

Interestingly, in a recent Radio NZ interview about high failure rates for driver tests one of the reasons discussed was that the tests, apparently student focussed (sound familiar), now require higher order thinking skills ie risk analysis and assessment rather that just mechanical driving skills. Again sound familiar?

Now, driving instructors do not test their students? Why? Conflict of interest. Yet we have teachers that instruct and test in schools (called Internals) albeit with moderation as the check and balance.

Do driver test agencies get more $ for student failure or success? Is there an incentive for testers to fail students for minor infringements? I am sure it doesn’t happen…. In a classroom exactly the opposite is true, that is, teachers/schools are rewarded for success as are students. I am sure of course that there is no collusion happening.

BTW My daughter passed first time.

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