Jury service application to be excused declined

cppvideo-importance-jury-serviceI am doing Jury service in the school holidays. That’s fine. My application to defer/be excused until the seniors had left was declined. As a consequence:

  1. Catch up assessment day for DT students was cancelled (about 20 students impacted).
  2. Two day course I was running for teachers, many out of town, was postponed till next holidays.
  3. I may miss some scheduled PD on Friday

Maybe the Ministry of Justice is getting tougher? Anyway, 4 hours of waiting, and no requirement to turn up today makes me mildly annoyed. Probably just as well, if I had got a trial of any duration (now unlikely) I would not have been able to mark circa 100 pieces of work.


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One Response to Jury service application to be excused declined

  1. Katrin says:

    Mildly annoyed. What happens in other professions? Do they get temps or relievers? Generally, it is not understood that teachers’ “holidays” are still work time.
    And just a friendly comment from a language teacher: actually, the DT students were not “impacted”. While they were free to go, the DT would have “impacted” them. Your predicament may have had an “impact on” them.


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