The rational teacher

Dear Parents

In line with your expectations and requirements, and as a rational thinking teacher being requested to improve pass rates I will:

  1. Remove anything from an assessment that is not essential to meet the standard. Recall. I write the internal assessment, and providing I can show alignment with standard the moderators will not have  a problem.
  2. Teach only material that is directly relevant to the standard. I think you called this “teaching to the test” in your day.
  3. Reduce complexity of assessment to cover the absolute minimum required at Achieved, Merit and Excellence levels. Again I write the standard…
  4. Run additional teaching session in the holidays or lunchtimes for those that need even more help. There may be a charge for this however… after all teachers are professionals and their time is worth money,
  5. Catch your child up even when you have taken them on an overseas holiday during term time so you can get the benefit of cheap airfares. There may be a charge for this however…
  6. Show your child where all the public exemplars are on NZQA web site. After all many of the assessments, including externals are just the same questions regurgitated.
  7. Standardize as much teaching and assessment as I can to “one size fits all” and in doing  so, while teaching larger classes I would expect to get even more students through.
  8. Run a course/courses with more credits than required, let the kids choose the ones they prefer. These may be the easier ones but that’s fine there is no difference between hard and easy credits – unless they relate to University prerequisites.

And if all else fails employ a tutor. I can help you find a University or Year 13 student to teach your child, probably cost you $20 per hour cash.

I also have a tuition academy. it is $50 per hour but limited to 4 students, this guarantees individualized learning and a complete focus on getting your child through. If you have the money this may be a best option.


Rational Thinking Teacher

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