Great classroom Tools 1: TodaysMeet

CaptureTodaysMeet provides the opportunity for students to ask and answer a range of questions in a virtual meeting room. It has a lot of potential although students need to develop the right skills and attitudes to gain a benefit – especially if  (like me) you encourage the “dumb” questions by allowing students to be anonymous if they wish.

  • Skills: Formulating a question can be quite challenging for many students.
  • Attitudes: Answering questions in a helpful way, and not going off task.

I offered two classes the opportunity to ask questions about a forthcoming assessment. The promise was that I (or other students) would answer the questions to an appropriate level. Over two classes, with 50 students in total I got around 32 relevant questions and answers, quite a few was just repeating material already provided in other lessons. There were probably about 10 questions that were very well constructed. However, there were probably 200 questions and answers that were just rubbish – hidden behind the veil of anonymity. Hence my view that students need the right attitudes and dare I say maturity to allow this tool to be used effectively.

I will try using it again next term.

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