100 minute lessons, a student perspective

I thought this was quite interesting. The survey was anonymous and the material incorporated into a web site assessment. The sample size is around 33% of the school roll.

Permission to reproduce provided by Ella Childs, Year 12 student.


Source Ella Childs Year 12 student

While most students (80.2%) did not like the idea at all last year, most students have now warmed up to the idea. 25.4% of the students like 100 minute periods, 38.9% of the students said that they are not as bad as they thought they would be, and 6.3% chose other, most of which said ‘it depends on the subject’. This shows that although almost all of the students (80.4%) hated the idea last year, they have nearly all changed their mind, and 70.6% of students don’t mind 100 minute periods. I believe that this shows that students didn’t really believe that 100 minute periods were a bad idea, they were just afraid of change. This is completely normal! Most people are afraid of change and wary of the unknown. However, it is important to give things a try, as you never know, you may actually like them!



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