Presenteeism and feeling guilty about not working?

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When I worked in the corporate world one problem frequently experience with my staff was presenteeism. I certainly didn’t model this behavior and used to say “if you need to be at work 50 hours a week continuously then either somethings wrong with you or the job design“. With teachers I see many working long hours under stressful and generally poor working conditions. Also, like the corporate world, any serious work outside the classroom typically gets done at home. (Interesting TedTalk “Why work doesn’t happen at work“). Unlike the corporate world however, I see many teachers that feel guilty about having “down time” during weekends, evenings and even holidays. Why? Is it the vocational aspect of their job or are they hooked in a pattern? Can they always improve their lesson plans? Should they be emailing praise to students? Not sure of the reasons but the outcome is burned out teachers… and that is not a good thing.

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