Modern Learning Environment – Hobsonville Point Secondary School

I recently had the privilege of attending a workshop at Hobsonville Point Secondary School . The school has been constructed to deliver learning in a way consistent with the needs and practices of 21st century students. Images are below, of interest to me were:

  1. Open plan with breakout rooms. To accommodate team teaching and project based work.
  2. Floor, walls and ceilings acoustically designed to minimize noise.
  3. Colour everywhere…
  4. Indoor Outdoor flow – including outside teaching spaces.
  5. Natural light…. everywhere.
  6. All surfaces able to be used for teaching and learning ie writing, showcasing work…
  7. Proper toilets… individual cubicles with own washing facilities – very civilized.
  8. Spacious computer suites.
  9. Flexibility: all furniture is on wheels.
  10. Lockers for all.
  11. Recycling and energy efficiency integrated into design of school.
  12. Uniform is knees to neck only… nothing else matters!

bigscreen breakoutrooms carpetmaths classroom computers gym hallway kitchen labs lecturerooms
lockers mickjaggerlips outdoors (2) outdoors recycle teaching toilets uniform wheels (2) wheels and colour wheels workonwalls

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