The Teachers Register and the smart young lady

CaptureI recently made a renewed attempt to get a complete copy of the Teachers Register in CSV format – for teaching SQL. (See previous attempt) My request was declined, again and I have lodged a complaint with the Ombudsman. To be continued…

Meanwhile I ran a session for WEGC Computer Club about the Official Information Act, Privacy Act, Ombudsman, Ministerial processes etc… using the Teachers Register as an example. At the conclusion we went online for 8 minutes and manually extracted 2,000 records from the Teachers Register into a shared Google spreadsheet. Great…

During the holidays a smart young lady in my Year 12 class wrote a Python program to automate this process and sent me both a file with 42,000 records and the required code. Her comment: “This is not actually all of the data on the teacher register. When you send a request to the website the html file contains up to 2000 lines of teacher registration data and then javascript is used so that you only see 10 at a time, which explains the horrible load times.”

She is going to be a fabulous IT professional in the future

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2 Responses to The Teachers Register and the smart young lady

  1. Ian says:

    If she hasn’t already registered for the Catalyst Academy (or done it) send her to 😉


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