Gender pay levels

According to TV1 news the government, unions and business will be getting together to discuss a 14% pay gap… looking at the issue of women getting less pay than men for equivalent work – in female dominated industries.

Interesting that Teaching is a female dominated industry. According to Ministry of Education data in 2012 72.45% of teachers were women, 27.55% men. Perhaps that is why teaching is not well paid!

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2 Responses to Gender pay levels

  1. Shannon D says:

    I am 100% with you. Teaching is certainly less respected and less well paid for the reason of it being “woman’s work”. I am working in the aged care sector as a caregiver (there’s currently a huge case around our pay and conditions) so I’ve done a lot of research into it; including being part of the team who bargained with the big bosses over our contract. In our line of work we are dealing with sick and fragile people and in their homes caring for them. This is not an easy job by any means, and although it’s rewarding (also frustrating), for the amount of responsibility we have it is extremely underpaid and it had been put down to it being “woman’s work”. In a comparable field which is male dominated their starting wage is at the $18 mark; ours is minimum wage. We both work of NZQA qualifications but they get $22+ for Level 3 qualifications, and we don’t get more than $16 generally. The only thing the difference in wage can be put down to is the performed gender of the job. Teachers are underpaid for the jobs they do; they’re teaching our kids, our future! They’re not just in the classroom, they’re working at home, after school and in the holidays. The best teachers tend to be the ones who are passionate, and if you care about your job you tend to do all you can to do your best. Surely we want the best passionate teachers? This is not reflected in the pay teachers get. Fingers crossed for teachers, care workers, and every other female dominated profession!


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