Who pays?

It is not unusual (but not common ) for students facing significant challenges at school and home to be placed on individualized learning programmes. This may entail 1-1 lessons with a range of teachers. That’s great, rather than the student ultimately falling through the cracks an effort is made to rectify the issues and integrate the student into normal school life.

Without sounding mercenary, however, I do wonder who pays for the additional teacher time for 1-1 tuition outside of normal lessons – ie in teachers non contact time. The answer is likely …. the teacher as it is done on a voluntary basis (or potentially with subtle expectation). I don’t believe this should be the case – in effect to do the right thing schools need to rely on voluntary labour. I think if  “we” are serious then either overtime or time in lieu should be made.

Alternatively, we can buy the argument that teaching is a vocation and that teachers love to give their time freely?


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