Cost effective PD, can business help?


Many Digital Technology teachers we need to update their courses. Next year we plan to teach a mobile first approach to building web sites. There are some simple techniques to learn but unless you come from a web development background (and quite recently) this can be a challenge.  Options include self teaching, going on courses or begging expertise from a  friendly IT organization. Self teaching is fine but consumes many hours – and teachers are time poor. Courses are fine if you can find one that is appropriate and low cost (schools have little or no PD funding). Begging expertise is feasible if you have the contacts. My preferred approach (not just used for teaching) is to contract in expertise for a few hours from a current specialist in the field. I have done this frequently over my working life to gain insights into new ICT practices and trends and most recently to acquire “mobile first” development skills. The cost is typically less than $100 an hour – and I would probably pay it myself given the alternative of trial and error and wasting many hours. If you pair up with a colleague the cost s less. Worthy of consideration I think…

It would be good if ICT organizations could make some of their techncal staff available to provide this professional development to teachers at low cost or even free, as part of an organization volunteer program. Some do of course, but I think their is opportunity to improve and coordinate?

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2 Responses to Cost effective PD, can business help?

  1. Jenny Blake says:

    Hi Edwin I’m just surprised you are teaching mobile first NEXT year. Isn’t this already done this when teaching media queries for level 2 digital media? Or are you saying that your teaching practice supported graceful degradation rather than progressive enhancement?


    • edwin bruce says:

      It is not a requirement for Level 2. I do teach it at Level 3, but as an adaption from an existing desktop based site (where pixels mattered) rather than building on assumption that primary access device is a mobile phone.


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