Health and safety… nanny state?


Spotted in Southgate. They are building a fence on a flat and accessible section. How dangerous! My pick for top hazard is “insects” and the mitigation is wear long clothing. Why not list sun burn? This reminded me of the ridiculous health and safety requirements built into NCEA L1-3 digital technology assessments. Some of my favorites are…

  1. Teachers should encourage students to examine all electrical equipment before it is used, including all plugs, sockets, and extension leads. (Yeah right – crawl under that desk and check the leads… try not to get electrocuted.)
  2. Two other important issues are the need for enough space at each workstation to open books and folders and the need to avoid placing a screen on top of computer housing. (Even teachers don’t have enough room to easily meet this requirement…)
  3. Students’ bags should be stored well clear of workstations to avoid others tripping over them. (Yep – I can manage this – all bags at the front with cell phones in them…)
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