Social networking with students

Group of college students in a computer lab

TH TheGroup of college students in a computer lab

When it comes to connecting to current students on Facebook my responce has been NOPE (actually school policy)… when required for educational purposes I have an account set up with a generic teacher profile (Facebook and Twitter accounts).

What about students that have left school and instigated a connection? What if they have just left? or what if its 3 years later? In general I am happy to connect via Linked In but what about Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram or whatever…?  As it turns out I have confirmed linkages with some prior students both on Linked In and Facebook, the latter for those students that I got on with and we have shared interests eg. Doctor Who, Sci fi etc.

No harm, as they have left school BUT in terms of perception is this a good idea? Worse, what if they have sisters at the school and by virtue of sharing my Facebook account is connected to current students?



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