Accessibility includes predictability, simplicity and understandability


I have just spent a couple of days with my capable but forgetful father. To continue using his Windows 7 desktop with a Thunderbird mail client and Firefox he needs his environment to remain unchanged. The constant number of updates and f*&king Windows 10 prompts to upgrade risk this stability. At 90 years old its quite hard for him to remember and keep track of what to do and how to do things. You can turn the Windows 10 reminders off, but this involves a complex sequence of steps – well beyond many older peoples capabilities. Likewise with the spam emails, sure some are legitimate but the bulk of the enticements are annoying, confusing and at times quite dangerous to older people. It’s almost like we need a “child” device for older people (and I am not being denigrating) or some form of managed service. Or maybe Linux? In the meantime I am having his desktop reloaded as a clean install with Teamviewer so I can remotely help sort the occasion mess out. There has got to be a better way…

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