Chaos – first few days


Business as usual (and not unique to WEGC). The first couple of weeks are all about settling down. On a normal day….

  1. Overs and unders in class sizes … some juggling is required. A class of 35 probably ain’t going to work.
  2. Lost and found. Loads of new Year 9’s, usually lost and still scared of you (mostly anyway).
  3. Try before you buy… Many students are changing their options in first two weeks.
  4. There are some course pre requisites. Sorry, you cannot take DT Level 2 if you have not done DT Level 1… there are a lot of skills/knowledge assumed.
  5. Classes are in English. If a student is new to NZ and understands little if any English they probably should probably be in Reception (designed to teach English)
  6. Nothing has changed- I promise. XAMPSS does not work for 50% of the class- worked fine last year. Another 1-2 hours wasting time problem solving.
  7. N4L is blocking sites I need eg Thank goodness for local helpful techos that can sort out the mess. (To be fair N4L probably had a good reason to block the sites.)
  8. New policy. Cell phones in bags and not to be used in class without approval. Apparently social media is turning out to be quite the distraction. That’s great BUT  students could use instant message via other channels on their BYOD…
  9. Passwords! Parents and students forget them. Teachers have to find the passwords…
  10. New cafe, new food and best of all… a teachers line. Is that fair? Personally I am all for it.
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