Gaming the NCEA system


Is it a surprise that NCEA literacy can be gained from PE? Likewise with University Entrance and even NCEA Level 2. Targets such as 85% of students will gain Level 2, while admirable merely drive behavioral changes by both teachers and learners to achieve these targets. As the participants in the education system, they adapt and work out how to gain the most advantage from the least effort. In some schools teaching to the test could well be the norm… with crash courses at year end a tactic to raise achievement levels to meet the arbitrary targets. Is it surprising that students are taking the easy options at the expense of STEM subjects to maximize credits?

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2 Responses to Gaming the NCEA system

  1. taskmaker says:

    So what is considered an easy option? An all internal based course?


  2. edwin bruce says:

    Probably a good question for Universities. Internals can be just as challenging as Externals, Unit Standards at Level 3 are considered easy by many students as are many non STEM subjects. I may run a straw survey and ask students to rank subjects Easy to Hard from their perception….


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