BYOD can be a problem when…


BYOD can be a problem when it take two months to fix a Chromebook under manufacturers warranty (rather than paid for extended warranty).

I have  a student who has been waiting two months for a repair by Noel Leeming (or so I am told). In the meantime she has no device to use at school and has to resort to text books. I suspect she is getting behind as a consequence. Should the school have a “hire” scheme for devices?

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1 Response to BYOD can be a problem when…

  1. Joseph Bell says:

    This is an issue I believe will only get worse as adoption rates rise.

    The standard for business is a 3 year, next day, on site repair warranty – this really should be the minimum standard for essential devices – and that is what BYOD devices are for students.

    While extended warranty’s are available from retail – they are rarely for next day service – perhaps it’s time for consumers and students to demand that from the retailers not just manufacturers.


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