Workplace safety and BYOD Part 2

Following my request for information from Workplace Health and Safety I received the following reply…

I apologise for the delay in responding and thank you for your enquiry. I understand you would like to know whether there is any guidance or requirements in relation to student usage of “Bring Your Own Device” to school; this is specifically in relation to the health and safety risks associated with their use, especially with posture, RSI, sight and hearing.

A school can be seen as a place of work. Current health and safety legislation requires employers to take all practicable steps to control hazards in the workplace, this includes students using electronic devices in schools.

The closest guidance that Worksafe New Zealand have on this is the Guidelines for Using Computers. The Ministry of Education may have their own guidance specifically in relation to this or there may be independent agencies who have guidance on this.

I have now written to ministry of Education (again as a private citizen.)


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