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A recent survey by Ministry of Education implies that Digital Technologies(DT) will not be in high demand in the next few years… (Generic Technology will be however, as will Hard Materials and Food Technology and the usual suspects of Maths, TeReo etc…). I suspect that DT teachers will not be in high demand because schools don’t offer Computer Science achievement standards… Why? Perhaps they don’t have the expertise, or they have decided in their Curriculum Committees that Computer Science is not important, or they just don’t understand, or teaching DT may involve change (and schools love change don’t they) …

Meanwhile… in America we have…

An unprecedented group of over 90 of America’s greatest leaders have joined in a bipartisan message: to ask Congress to support computer science in our schools. I can’t remember the last time I saw a list like this unite on any issue. It’s especially refreshing in today’s age of divided politics. Source: Hadi Partovi,Founder, Code.org

and in the UK …

From the start of the new term, children as young as five will be learning programming skills in the classroom  https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/sep/04/coding-school-computing-children-programming

Seems like NZ may be out of line?

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