Enforcing school uniform policies

downloadWellington East is a uniformed school. Students and parents sign an agreement to this effect. If they violently disagree with uniforms then go to another school? Having said that, the enforcement of uniform policies seems to me to consume too much teacher time and energy (and senior managements). Enforcing uniform policy can also impact on relationships between students and teachers if not managed carefully. I think uniform policies should not be enforced by teachers in the classroom and would consider implementing the following;

  1.  Fully centralized and efficient process with students sent to office to have their “offence” recorded on the Pastoral system and an email/text sent home. Students could be assessed for uniform compliance at the gate by prefects, or at the start of Session 1.
  2. Build an app that facilitates taking an image, collecting an identifier (Student RFID tag!) and automates system entries and email home. This app could be used by teachers or prefects.
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