Typical education news…



Must be slow news week. Two stories in the last two days. The first blames teacher bias (albeit unconscious) for Maori student failure. I think this unconscious bias may happen, but even so, the teacher is only part of the learning equation. The student(regardless of culture) has to be at school, engaged with adequate sleep and food, and be supported at home. Then maybe the teacher can do their job.

The second article asserts low decile school students are two years behind their peers in higher decile schools. This is not a surprise to any teacher.  Regardless of decile, students not exposed to reading and conversation at home (along with adequate food, sleep and support) will be behind when they start school. No easy solution to this “fact” either, other than to say that teachers will need to be able to manage a highly diverse range of students in each cohort (differentiated learning is the technical term)… and the problem is only exacerbated as they hit secondary schools where the gap persists.

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