Students overseas holidays in term time


There has been some press recently on parents taking their children on holiday during term time. I note that the practice is now so frequent in some schools there is a special code used to depict the absence. In general I don’t have an issue with this practice providing;

  1. The student is smart enough and motivated enough to catch up by themselves.
  2. There is no expectation that the school/teacher will catch the student up.
  3. Consequences such as missed credits now, and potentially in the future will be part of the price to pay. This is particularly true in subjects where basic concepts are learned as part of building blocks to future learning… quite common in Maths and no doubt other subjects.

I have started assuming students will be away 20% of the time and therefore plan modules that students can use to catch up – if motivated and capable enough. I am also prepared to provide tuition at $75 per hour assuming the student is willing, I have the time and the parents pay. (This may seem controversial, especially as some teachers actually catch students up free of charge, in their own time… but would other professionals work for free?)

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