Hour of code for 233 students


I facilitated an hour of code for the Year  10 cohort recently. They started by watching the introductory 2 minute video featuring President Obama and followed by carrying out the Flappy Birds exercise over 20-25 minutes. Circa 33% completed the tasks and 22% made a pretty good effort. Surprisingly 30% did not even start the exercise for a range of reasons including “no device” (we are BYOD), absences, or because they partnered with others. The data is below. Next year I hope we have a better success rate.

Completed Levels 10+ 77 33%
Nearly completed Levels 8,9 51 22%
In progress Levels 3-7 24 10%
Virtually no progress Levels 1-2 12 5%
Did not start Level 0 69 30%
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