Who owns student work submitted to NZQA?


My class recently discovered an exemplar by one of my students on the NZQA site here Level 2, 2015 Excellence level. However…

  1. I don’t know about it
  2. The student didn’t know about it
  3. The student is identifiable by name…
  4. I really didn’t want this work online as I do not want students doing a similar portfolio to have access to it.

Which leads me to ask the question “Is NZQA allowed to post student work without their permission?” and “Who owns the student work?”. My view is that the students owns the work and that NZQA can post the work providing they have permission from the student. After all, exemplars are essential given the high failure rate for information Management portfolios.

I will ask NZQA for their thoughts!


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2 Responses to Who owns student work submitted to NZQA?

  1. Carolyn Miles says:

    Hi Edwin, we had this in an interesting way, my staff member went to a Best Practice Workshop and one of her students answer(portfolio) for a Generic Technology standard was presented as an excellence exemplar and yet our school had never been asked if this material could be used. Doesn’t quite seem morally right to me as no permission was sort or given.


  2. Edwin Bruce says:

    I had the following reply from NZQA. I have pointed out where the reference to the student is… no doubt NZQA will remove it. I have also made the point that student and teacher should be contacted as a matter of professional courtesy.
    Dear Edwin,

    Responses produced for assessment belong to the candidates. NZQA is authorised through our rules for assessment, as a condition of entering for an externally assessed standard, ‘access and use for education purposes, the material produced by the Candidate (for example as published exemplars of Candidate work).’

    (See, http://www.nzqa.govt.nz/about-us/our-role/legislation/nzqa-rules/assessment-including-examination-rules-2016/5/3/)

    This is for the purpose of supporting teachers and other students to understand how the standard is assessed and what achieved, merit and excellence responses look like. This is done anonymously and a great deal of care is taken in removing all references that might identify the candidate. We have carefully checked the exemplar you refer to and we believe the exemplar does not identify the candidate. If you feel this is not the case, please draw the specific reference to our attention and we will address it immediately.

    Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your concerns.

    Kind regards

    Sue Chalmers
    Manager Secondary Examinations
    Assessment Division
    New Zealand Qualifications Authority


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