OMG!!!!! Privacy breach!!!!!

Stuff reports A North Island school’s payroll officer was “shocked” to open pay details on Thursday morning and discover information for staff members she didn’t know from a school she hadn’t heard of.

Further… “Education Payroll Limited chief operating officer Duncan Boennic confirmed the error related to 10 schools and 530 staff members “This lapse is deeply regrettable and I sincerely apologise to those affected,” he said.

So… some people at the Ministry accidentally sent some other people also paid by the Ministry, details about what teachers were paid. Teachers salaries are hardly a big secret. I would be shocked if someone was run over in front of me… not because I saw someones payslip. I would expect to see words like deeply regret for an action if it actually resulted in harm being done.

Yes, privacy is important but get a grip… waste your shock and regret for something that actually matters.

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