“They’re only mocks”

In recent years we have encouraged students to take “mocks” seriously. In fact the vernacular has changed to “school exams”.  We usually argue that it gives them a benchmark and also allows for a derived grade if they are sick, incapacitated or traumatic event. With schools now closed from Christchurch to Wellington and several NZQA exams unable to be run at many schools it seems that thousands of students will be receiving derived grades. Unfortunate for those students that did not do well in the school exams or chose to skip them… Next year I will be talking about the risk of earthquakes and they will likely listen.

PS I feel for those students that have studied hard for the NZQA exams, possibly building on feedback from school exams. Some will have been looking for Excellence endorsement – this may no longer achievable. Some will be striving for Achieved having failed the corresponding school exam – again, no longer achievable.


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