What exactly are the rules about checking schools post Earthquake?


Clyde Street, Island Bay

The news reports there is a 30% chance of an earthquake (after shock) of 7.8 occurring in the next few days/weeks/months. This got me thinking…

  1. Who decides if a Wellington based school is checked for structural damage? Post Sunday night all schools appear to have been checked. Have they???
  2. Who does the check? I assume it must this be an engineer? (Will a builder or similar suffice?). Is this a formal (read LEGAL) process. I assume if it is not carried out by a qualified person the Principal is liable – under OSH legislation. What if the Principal just does a quick visual check?
  3. Who decides if a re check is required following an aftershock? What is the criteria for a recheck?  If the aforementioned aftershock eventuated would schools be re checked?
  4. Has MoE issued guidelines with regard to the above and do these cover integrated and private schools? (given ownership of buildings is not MoE)
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