President Trump impact on planned US visit?

Extract from email I recently wrote…. never expected to have to write something like this!
Implications for us at present are;
1. Students traveling on NZ passports NOT born in one of the “named” counties appear to be fine. Xxxxx  has had groups leave for the US in the last couple of weeks and more planned for April.
2. Students on NZ passports born in one of the named countries would be advised to stay at home. We don’t believe any students fall into this category but will be checking passports.
3. Students that have visited any of the “named” countries in the last two years would at present be advised to stay at home. While we do not believe this to be the case for any of our students (or teachers?) we will be checking passports.
Other views…
Notwithstanding recent judicial decisions overruling President Trumps Executive decisions it is likely that any students that were born in or recently travelled to the named countries would face significant interrogation and delays at the US border. Good reasons not to go.
It is believed that US officials can ask to see social media accounts of visitors as a condition of an entry visa. Very unlikely for a student on an NZ passport, however, students going should refrain from making inflammatory posts/likes on their social media accounts.
All very interesting and no doubt subject to change – after all we are only 2-3 weeks into the new regime.
For now we plan as usual and review all student passports for potential risks.
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