Self management needs to start early

I was asked by a parent for some comments about self management skills. My reply incorporated the following… (future employers would expect no less). It is surprising how challenging students find self management.

… good self management leads to better grades and less stress. It allows students to take control of their work/life balance.

Things I expect to see from a student with good self management:

  • Diary or calendar showing future assessments, commitments etc.
  • Proactive  finding out what work is due and when… both formative and summative assessments.
  • Have “friends/peers” to take notes when away – organise someone
  • Plan in detail for one week, less detail for one month.
  • Identify what could go wrong and have a plan if things do go wrong ie getting sick, Internet down…
  • Not  wasting valuable class time – be productive.
  • Working without supervision both at home and school.
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