School websites

School websites are still important components of both communication and marketing plans. I am leading an initiative to replace the existing WEGC website, two significant streams of work being content provision and design. Fortunately development is being done externally. Some of the objectives of the new site are:

  1. Modern “front door” 
  2. Accurate, authoritative up to date information to users
  3. Easy to access, use and navigate by any device
  4. Reflect school mission, values and diversity
  5. Update easily

So, who are the users? So far the list of primary users is…

  1. Parents/whanau of students
  2. Potential students parents
  3. International parents
  4. Other schools
  5. Old Girls
  6. Automated search engines

NOTE: Students are not included in this list!

Now, if you have ever done a project like a web site in a school it largely relies on volunteer labour which is why a significant risk is having the “never ending project”. As Project Manager I will be looking at asking for release time for key resources, otherwise it really will take years instead of months of work.

Meanwhile I have asked the people including the students computer club (Gigabytes) to have a look at other schools web sites to gain ideas about design and functionality. This could be fun. Now onward with the scoping document… If you have any advice feel free to offer it.

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