Ombudsman: 413631… Teachers Register

It has been a long road. Having been declined a full copy of the teachers register see here and implementing a student built workaround see here the Ombudsman finally facilitated the result I desired. My students can now use the  teachers register data-set to experiment with efficiency of primary keys on databases.

Education Council provided a DVD with the following email…

The information requested has been posted to you. The file is created onto a DVD.The file is an ASCII .csv file with headers. There are 125675 rows plus the header.The file has been zipped and encrypted using 7Zip. The decryption key is &……..

I am unsure why it is an encrypted file but nevertheless I am appreciative that the Education Council has finally provided the data required.

I do have some unanswered questions:

  1. Why can the Education Council not make this file downloadable via
  2. Would anyone be upset if I posted the full register online?
  3. Why did the Education Council require details of the purpose I would put the information to – before they granted my request see email extract below…

Our early response was based on the fact that we were not aware of the reason for the request or the purpose that the information would be put to.We are prepared to look at this in the light of information received from the Ombudsman and if you are able to provide us with more information, we may be able to come to some arrangement that would satisfy both parties.


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