Queens Birthday Weekend – 3 days non contact

Weekends are two days of non contact. Queens Birthday is a bonus…My to do list includes…

  • paper work for trip to Xero (after school)
  • paper work for Silicon Valley
  • create lesson plan for PHP string manipulation functions
  • research and implement approach to placing students web sites online – given freewebhost.co.nz has disappeared
  • learn advanced Photoshop techniques to show some smart Year 9’s
  • Mark… Python programs, Web Sites etc…
  • complete WEGC web site specs and send to developer
  • plan next week
  • investigate digitallicence.co.nz for Y9 cyber safety

Never boring, and admittedly I choose not to try and do this work at school… only one screen, no easy access to a kitchen,  and on a building site… oh and N4L frequently blocks sites I need to get to, FTP does not work, digitallicence.co.nz cannot be reached…

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4 Responses to Queens Birthday Weekend – 3 days non contact

  1. taskmaker says:

    ftp works on our n4l connection, great to allow students to upload to site5.com(paid for) hosting


  2. taskmaker says:

    just checked digitallicence.co.nz through our N4L connection, it works, though I understand there was an issue a couple of days ago where people tried registering and it failed.


  3. taskmaker says:

    what was your alternative to freewebhost.co.nz ?


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