Safetravel barriers to registration

School policy states that students should be registered with Safetravel when going overseas. No problem, just get the travel agent to do it for the 27 student we are taking to the US in 3 weeks time. The response from the travel agent was:

“Unfortunately we are no longer able to register groups on their behalf. Safetravel now require written permission from all participants to be included in any group registration. Many schools are now asking parents to register their children individually.”

Assuming this is accurate, I think it creates quite a barrier to registration. I duly decided to follow the process myself, just to see what is involved. And there follows the usual hefty registration process with three security questions and a requirement for a strong password. Another barrier to registration … somehow I doubt if many of the students will be registered. I noticed that the safe travel web site did note even offer the all of government authentication option of “Realme” ? How come?

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