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Sex Education

WEGC held an externally facilitated “Well-being” day recently for Year 11 students. The topics covered were:

  • Sexual Health Education,
  • Mental Health and
  • Healthy Relationships

Given New Zealand rates of teenage pregnancy, self harm and suicide definitely a good idea. Teacher expectations were “ take an active role in the workshops by joining the circle, discussion and activities (rather than be an observer“. Hmmm not sure I agreed with this, but I did attend, although my participation was somewhat constrained. One area I did offer a view point was the sending of naked images to boyfriends. This was featured in a video along with consequences to students, school etc… While the girl featured in the video as sending the images had done nothing wrong, my view was that sending the images was probably not a wise thing to do given…

  1. the recipient may not be your boyfriend next week, month or year
  2. phones can be compromised, and (not stated at the time)
  3. given the depicted ages of the students concerned this action may be technically illegal

Not sure the instructor agreed with the view point, and call me old fashioned but I remain of the view that “just because you can, and it is totally within your rights, it may still not be a wise thing to do”.

Last thought – Year 11 may be a couple of years late for some of this material.

Have to say… teaching has a diversity of experiences…


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