“in loco parentis” – Silicon Valley and Seattle

Having safely returned from leading a group of 27 Wellington East Girls College (WEGC) students to Silicon Valley and Seattle over 12 days I now have a pretty good idea of what the term in loco parentis means ie in place of a parent. As it turns out the trip ran like clockwork, there were no serious issues and I could still account for 27 students at the end of the trip (That is always a good thing!) Try letting 27 students loose at Pikes Place market at peak hour with a request they meet you in 1 hour 30 minutes! That could be a little worrying…

Things went well because:

  1. I was supported by Kate Judge and Sally Haughton (Principal) who provided all the support and advice required.
  2. Our travel agent Fiona Atkinson  (Travel to Learn) specializes in school trips and anticipated many of our requirements.
  3. Our students managed both themselves and time frames very effectively – as expected. The girls acted very responsibly and were good ambassadors for both their school and New Zealand.
  4. We had excellent management and administration processes derived from lessons learned from several overseas trips undertaken by WEGC.
  5. The professionalism and commitment to service of so many people in the US ie drivers, guides, hotel staff, restaurant staff etc…
  6. The fantastic generosity and support of people in businesses visited, specifically (in order of visits): Nimble Collective, Facebook, Google, Adobe and Microsoft.
  7. Some small time outs for shopping at the odd mall… and gift shops… (under relentless pressure I may add).
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