I sometimes feel we don’let students (and their parents) take responsibility for their own lives and learning. Some schools can be seen :

  1. Chasing up parents for notes even when they have rung the school. Parents you know the process? Schools – Why bother?
  2. Counting student credits with them to make sure they gain whatever is needed. (Can’t they or their parents count? All NZ students can access NZQA and usually the school systems)
  3. Getting risk forms completed for senior students to do a local event even after hours. Just go do it, let your parents know if necessary and don’t tell the school….
  4. Offer countless opportunities to get students credits – even if they choose to go on holiday in term or plain wag… It’s called consequences…
  5. For uniform schools – spending teaching time on enforcing grooming and uniform policy.  Just send them home at the school gate if you really mean it.

When the mollycoddling, administration and general low value work exceeds actual teaching it may be time to try a new occupation. Many teachers do – hence one reason looming teacher crisis.

NOTE: Views are my own and reflect discussions and experiences of teachers at a range of schools in NZ.


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1 Response to Mollycoddling.

  1. richard says:

    Good points. Another one – at our school, we have to fill out an EOTC form for students not attending timetabled lessons but attending an event in the same classroom as they would have been sat in anyway. ie -speaker coming in to talk/work with the students.


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