Vulnerable Children’s Act – Pointy Questions

I have recently been involved interviewing applicants for a role at Wellington East Girls College. For the first time, I have encountered the implications of the Vulnerable Children’s Act when recruiting staff. These including some reasonably direct questions regarding the applicant’s prior involvement with children and teasing out their attitudes about what constitutes professional practice around children. A range of “pointy” questions are also directed at referees when/if contacted. Guidance is given regarding questions on the Ministry website. All good, schools need to be safe and trusted environments for young people.

I see it can take 4 weeks or so to gain a Police clearance; this seems a little long…

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1 Response to Vulnerable Children’s Act – Pointy Questions

  1. Simon F says:

    It’s a very important job, educating the future. Good to see CAP providing useful guidelines in this area. Good luck with your hire.
    Odd that MOE’s replication of the guidelines would introduce two spelling mistakes.
    Perhaps “Answer all these questions please, and identify any spelling and grammatical errors as you go” is a good interview approach. 😉


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