“Stationary Lists” – can they include apps?

I have been reviewing the stationery list for Digital Technologies classes. I can see the possibility that using the Adobe suite may not be affordable by the school in the future which leaves several options…

  1. Use Open Source – GIMP (free)
  2. Use Pixlr.com free, cloud-based and comes as a Chrome extension
  3. In conjunction with the above allow students to choose to use Photoshop, but they have to pay a fee to cover the school licensing costs.

If I do place any apps on the “stationary list”, can I recommend the “pay for” version and any other options such as access to image libraries? Of course, those that get the commercial versions will likely be at an advantage. Is this equitable? No doubt plenty of issues to think about. Similar issues relate no doubt to the choice of desktop applications ie Open Office, Google suite or Microsoft Office. I believe this one of the reasons why Microsoft provides software to students and teachers for  “free”. (A great initiative by the way.)

Footnote: Notebooks ie requires a pen, are now back on the stationary list! Ironic perhaps but necessary if I want students to think laterally and connect ideas sometimes diagrammatically. And to help them remember…

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