Obsession with measuring steps

Some of the students on recent Pouakai Circuit tramp were seen counting steps, distance and calories, all the while playing music via Bluetooth speakers. Sometimes at the expense of actually looking around… Not sure this is something I would encourage.

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One Response to Obsession with measuring steps

  1. Ian says:

    If steps and distance were combined with map reading could have a had a good series of learning moments there. From my experience the distance travelled can be quite inaccurate depending on how steps are counted, my pebble certainly gets distance and steps very different to my partner’s iPhone. Would have been interesting to match the steps/distance to where they thought they were on the paper map .. and then confirm with Open Street Maps (or probably more likely Google Maps).

    As for speakers 😦 I did the Tongariro Crossing on Waitangi Weekend a couple of years back, someone was blasting music from his phone as he was walking down, we had less shame than he did when we laughed at his battery going flat.


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