OIA request on NZQA

I was faced with a barrage of questions from my 2017 Level 1 and 2 students regarding their Digital Technologies external portfolio marks. I advised them that I can return their papers but:

  1. The marking schedule is not provided, and
  2. There is no feedback at all on their actual papers.

I must say they gave me looks of disbelief and a little dismay. As such I have sent the following OIA request to NZQA. I look forward to their answer.

If one or several of my students request their external portfolio marking schedules under the official information act will these be provided? Are there grounds for urgency in this request given that the deadline for reviews and reconsiderations is 16 February 2018.

These relate to Digital Technology external Portfolios at Level 1,2 and 3 for standards AS91070, AS91367 and As91632.

If they will not be provided what is the policy reason for this?

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