Groundhog day with Vodafone…

For reasons of poor Vodafone process, an invoice was accidentally paid to what is an incorrect account Vodafone Fixed Line & Broadband via the Internet. Despite several calls, this payment did not end up in the correct account. Yes, it had reference information, names and to the layperson is actually for a fixed line and broadband account. So third time lucky I rang again today and guess what… their help desk could not get through to their accounts team! Their emails state ” We will respond to you in three business days”. BS is all I can say.

So tonight I get a message asking me to fill in a form to query payments – the only problem is I cannot be bothered for the third time to do this. For fu%^s sake the help desk actually read back my completed form. I thought in this day and age business processes could be well designed, systems were easy to search and people actually could take accountability to see a problem through. Is that too much to expect? But I guess sh^& service is to be expected… (I would call it theft but it is just pure incompetence.)




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