Work smarter not harder

One of the roles of teachers in many colleges is to ring parents if students are late or don’t come to school AND don’t have a note (email or written). It is really important that students attend school on time, every day. Indeed for many students, it is a prerequisite for success. However getting teachers to carry out this task may not be an efficient use of their time – it could take a couple of hours a week. And if the parents have rung the school it seems a complete waste of time to ask for a subsequent written note. (Students can forge emails and notes just as easily as voice calls.) I am not even sure this later point is a mandatory MoE requirement anyway.

Surely in this day, if a parent has to be contacted with a routine message by phone (your son/daughter was away and we have no note) we can just get the computer to do it – it could also be programmed to speak in the appropriate language (and maybe tone :)). I think teacher time is a valuable resource and we have to use technology to work smarter not harder.

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