Skype fraud and Vodafone incompetence…

I had over 100 Euros debited to my Skype and subsequently Paypal account without request.  I just happened to notice 4 emails at 11:30pm showing the fraudulent transactions. How did this even happen?  I contacted Skype and they took all of 30 seconds to reverse the amounts… Which leads me to think ” Has Skype been compromised?”. I not sure they would say so…

I have changed my password of course, and also removed Skype authority to debit my Paypal account, but I must say it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

It reminds me of Vodafone – promised a no charge install – charged me… and then when I rang up 20 seconds to reverse… makes me suspicious. And this is not the first time!

Got to teach students not to trust these organisations… I wonder how many people are getting ripped off?

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