Is Windows 10 fit for purpose on devices with 32GB storage?

A number of students have acquired relatively cheap laptops with Windows 10 installed. A bit like a Chromebook only running Windows. Several students are now experiencing challenges with Windows 10 upgrades including security fixes. It seems the upgrades need at least 8-10 GB to install. Fair enough but the mandatory software is currently taking up 25GB + of the storage. Do the Maths… the updates fail. This is not just an HP problem it impacts Dell, Acer etc… And yes all sorts of approaches have been tried without luck including deleting temp files, cleanups, removing software etc….

Windows 10 on these machines is actually pretty good until updates need applying. It occurs to me that the product is not fit for purpose. It is sold with the expectation that the updates could be applied automatically (it is quite hard to turn them off).

I wonder if students should be returning them to the store under Consumer Guarantees Act. Does anyone have any suggestions? Can Microsoft just issue a flash drive that just reloads W10 with the new version?



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1 Response to Is Windows 10 fit for purpose on devices with 32GB storage?

  1. Joe says:

    Microsoft’s own recommendation for Windiws 7, 8, and 10 is minimum hard disc space of 40GB.


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