Nooooo Windows 10 upgrade saga continued..

After too many hours and lots of effort my guinea pig HP Stream 32GB device finally got the big tick from the W10 pre install. After 45 minutes and 99% completed the update failed with error code oxc19002oe. Great – in short my device cannot handle the upgrade.

I give up. And indeed have reinstalled MS Office for now and other software that had to be deleted to make room. Back to the usual message of:

I will live with this although I note that I cannot stop updates… and the waste of time/broadband, nor is there an option to use an external drive (It did give this option for an earlier upgrade why not now!).

So when I have time I will draft a letter to The Stationary Warehouse and return the device as not fit for purpose. More students now reporting their issues with this upgrade. Office is actually very good BUT come on Microsoft if you want to be in schools as a BYOD you have to do a better job.


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1 Response to Nooooo Windows 10 upgrade saga continued..

  1. edwin bruce says:

    Following some helpful advice from Microsoft I am going to try the update from USB option, possibly not for the faint-hearted, but who knows it may work…


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