Note taking… hand write/print use an Elfinbook?

This year I have insisted on all students taking notes using a pen and paper! Ironic given I teach Digital Technologies. I have found handwritten notes and diagrams more conducive to student focus, understanding, recall, drawing linkages etc… Having said that I am also interested in note-taking technologies that are relatively low cost and can if required be stored in the cloud. My latest experiment is the Elfinbook Version 2. This notebook features:

  • Erasable pages (using a Microwave and/or wet cloth)
  • App to facilitate scanning contents (and basic OCR)
  • Storage, classifying and searching methods
  • Save the notes in the cloud

And it is less than $40.

So far, so good. OCR is not that great but the erasable paper and ability to store via your phone are pretty useful.

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